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About Us

Ash Ridge is our family owned winery set in the Bridge Pa Triangle wine growing region of Hawke's Bay. Originally planted in 2005, we (winemaker Leith Ashworth and my wife Tracy) purchased the vineyard and winery from the original founders in November 2021.

I've been working in the Hawke's Bay wine industry for nearly 20-years, and Ash Ridge Wines is the opportunity Tracy and I had been looking for to explore our own place in the industry. The Ash Ridge label is a great fit for us - a small organic winery where I can further develop my local, national and international winemaking experience. I'm excited about being able to offer the big-hitting Merlot, Syrah and Bordeaux-style reds that the Bridge Pa Triangle is renowned for. 

We are a family first winery and are authentic in the way we talk to you. When you visit Ash Ridge, or when you sip our wine, you are getting US. We are a grape to glass winery and our winemakers do it all - grow, make, and sell. That means when you come in for a tasting, our boots might be dirty or we might be wearing our socks - but you'll be getting the full experience from people who truly know their stuff - and love it!