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Our Vineyard

Ash Ridges Vineyard–more formally known as the Cardoness Vineyard–is situated within the Bridge Pa Triangle. The Bridge Pa triangle is of world famed viticultural status, as it is a location of unique topographical composition. Thousands of years ago, this section of the Hawkes bay region was a part of the Nagaruroro River. This river wound gently through the valley of the Herataunga plains, slowly carving out the terrain. As time passed, the river changed its course but left behind exceptional free-draining red metal soil, overlaid by alluvium-derived loess, volcanic ash, and greywacke. As such, the ideal grape-growing topography was formed through the combination of these characteristics. Topography that–in combination with high sunshine hours, low rainfall, and long growing days–rivals the famed viticultural region of Bordeaux. 

As of November 2021, Ash Ridge is a fully certified organic vineyard. Here we couple traditional and modern viticultural techniques for premium grape production. Organic viticulture is a holistic approach to agriculture where promoting biodiversity, soil health, and sustainability are paramount. At Ash Ridge, we like to incorporate sheep and cattle into our organic management and use them for both sward and canopy management.