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Leith Ashworth
18 October 2023 | Leith Ashworth

Ash Ridge Wines Awarded Gold

We’re incredibly proud of the wine we produce here at Ash Ridge, and we hope to surprise you with the range and quality of varieties we offer.

As a small, organic, family vineyard, our wine has taken its journey from grape to glass right here on our land, with every drop being handcrafted with care by our small team on site.

And that’s why, it makes it even more special that a large number of our wines have been awarded gold, silver and bronze across the Bayleys Hawke’s Bay Wine Awards and New Zealand International Wine Awards, over the last few weeks!

And to top that great news off, some of you will know that Leith, our owner and head-winemaker, is also head-winemaker at his family vineyard, Junction Wines, and a stream of our wines there were also picked as some of the best of the bunch!

Many of these wines are available to purchase online or at our cellar door, with a few special picks being selected for November Wine Club. This includes our gold winning 2023 Premium Riesling which is extremely limited, and available only to Wine Club members. So if you want to try it, contact us to join Wine Club now, before it’s too late.

To join the Ash Ridge Wine Club, click here (/Join-Our-Club)

To head to our online store, click here (/Wines/Estate)


Thank you to the judges! Our full list of award winning wines is below:


Bayleys Hawke’s Bay Wine Awards 2023

Ash Ridge Winery

2023 Estate Sauvignon Blanc - Gold
2023 Premium Riesling - Gold
2023 Premium Viognier - Silver
2022 Estate Pinot Gris - Silver
2022 Premium Chardonnay - Silver
2023 Estate Chardonnay - Bronze
2023 Estate Pinot Gris - Bronze

Junction Wines

2021 Corner Post Chardonnay - Silver
2022 Pastime Pinot Gris - Silver
2023 Engaged Rose - Silver
2022 Persistence - Silver
2022 Runaway Riesling – Silver


NZ International Wine Show Awards 2023

Ash Ridge Winery

Ash Ridge Premium Riesling 2023- Gold
Ash Ridge Premium Chardonnay 2022- Bronze
Ash Ridge Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2023- Bronze
Ash Ridge Premium Viognier 2023- Bronze
Ash Ridge Estate Pinot Gris 2022- Bronze
Ash Ridge Estate Rose 2023- Bronze
Ash Ridge Premium Malbec Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2021- Bronze
Ash Ridge Estate Syrah 2019- Bronze

Junction Wines

Junction Body and Soul Pinot Noir 2021- Gold
Junction Corner Post Chardonnay 2021- Silver
Junction Runaway Riesling 2022- Silver
Junction Possession Pinot Noir 2020- Silver
Junction Pastime Pinot Gris 2022- Bronze
Junction Engaged Rose 2023- Bronze


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